Each establishment to be guarded has Peculiar requirement. Hence we carry out selection and training of our personnel as per the wishes of the client and job profile. We keep on consulting our clients  our clients regarding the training aspect of our guards, so that our guards perform duty to the entire satisfaction of our clients.



  1. Mobile patrol
  2. Fire fighting
  3. First AID
  4. Use of specialized surveillance gadgets


Relied and provisioning of additional staff as and when required. This division works in close alignment with multiple division of S.S. Enterprises with an objective of recruiting training and delivering suitable manpower to meet their requirements.


S.S. Enterprises has a standardised recruitment process with stringent norms for ex serviceman & civilians where an antecedent verification is mandatory. A direct recruitment is done at five levels - Guards, Supervisors, Security Inspector, As S.S. Enterprises Security Officers and Management Trainees.



Suitable accommodation shall be required to facilitate change of uniform by the guards for betterment of security . I residential accommodation is provided for the guards an enhanced force shall be available as and when required .

Your building and area shall be surveyed and draft report discussed with you as and when the contract is awarded to us. If you so desire it can also be done as good will measure at your conveyance.



Smart turnout of the security staff at all the sites will be ensured all the time while on duty.



Daily report shall be submitted to the management by the guards themselves notable happenings will be towered by the field officer/ manager operations on occurrence and will be duty investigated .If so desired by the management in such case an officer of the company (client) will also be co-opted while conducting the inquiry:

    1. Our senior officers also meet the client periodically or as and when required for better responsive customer services.
    2. Making security more –cost effective to yield tangible results.



Field staff to ensure smooth functioning carries out Day & night checking of the assignment regularly.



Submit our bills to the principle employees of first of each month so that they can arrange to make the payments in time to enable us to make the payments to our staff as per our schedule, however we make the payments to our staff on seventh of the month without fail. The payments are invariably made in cash. We accept the payment in cheque, however, the schedule of payments cab be modified as per policy of principal employer should they desire to make payments weekly/ fortnightly.



We are responsible to the respective authorities for depositing the ESI,EPF & service tax on respect  to our staff of which  we produce the documentary proof, Immediately on being awarded the contract, we shall apply for labour license.



Following facilities are provided our staff:

  1. Delivery of their mail at the place of duty.
  2. Medical box
  3. Periodical medical checkup, if required.
  4. Personnel welfare.



We to ensure effective supervise adopt following procedure.

  1. Visit field officers at staggered schedule periodical visits by one of the members of managements
  2. Discussions with the concerned authority of the organization .
  3. Effective and efficient communication.

We maintain a close liaison with the local police to ensue timely help, if needed.

  1. We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals including ex-serviceman ex-police personal ands other allied services who work with dedication and honesty upto your work place or residence a tension free dreamland.
  2. To support our operational activities we maintain a 24 hours control room to respond immediately to the call of our valuable clients.
  3. Our supervisory staff keeps vigil of the by visiting there on regular basic.
  4. Services are provided for industrial units offices, banks, public, sector, undertaking, residential areas, building, hospitals, institutions, restaurants, hotels etc.
Our service are cost effective, your get a genuine output for what you spend, we shall have pleasure to provide any other details required by you to facilitate approval of our offer.

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